About the Course

There are many ways to collect income outside of slaving away through only making money when you’re available. What would happen if you couldn’t work today? Could you still make money? There are several ways to monetize your mind. Here are just a few to think about:

  • Online Courses/Programs
  • Membership Programs
  • Online Workshops/Classes
  • Consulting & Coaching Services
  • Strategic In-Person Events & Workshops
  • Books/Resources

The goal of The Money Mind is to shift your ability to make money in just a few steps.

  • Week 1: Identify Your Focus & Your Message & Create – The first thing we need to do is to get you a clear message for the masses! Once that’s done, we’re going to work on creating your first major offer.
  • Week 2: Brand Yourself As An Expert – We’re going to set you up with a simple system to establish yourself as the “go-to” for your knowledge for in-person and online sales. We’re going to turn you into a brand money making machine.
  • Week 3: Gather Your Tribe – We’re going to set up your email/text marketing plan and begin to prepare your tribe for launch of your brand and products/services
  • Week 4: Launch Your Product & Make Money – Now it’s time to get the word out and start collecting from your tribe. You’ll learn how to build a consistent marketing plan for collecting money every month through your mind!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The Money Mind - Week 1
    • Week 1 Class: Create the Framework
    • Week 1 PDF Download
  • 2
    The Money Mind - Week 2
    • Week 1 Class: Branding the Platform
  • 3
    Upload Work
    • How to upload work
    • Discussion Area
  • 4
    The Money Mind Week 3 - The 101 Funnel & More
    • The Money Mind Week 3 Class Video
  • 5
    The Money Mind - Week 4
    • The Money Mind Video - Week 4