About the Bootcamp

The 4-Week Bootcamp on launching your t-shirt business

In this 4-Week Bootcamp, we’re not going to tackle making t-shirts. We’re going to tackle the t-shirt business from the business perspective and how to start making real coins and turn it into a profitable investment. People do t-shirt classes all the time but making a product is the easy part. Selling it is not. 

We’re going to tackle all the things people don’t tell you like how after you spend all this money launching it, how do you make it back? We’re going to go from what makes an actual t-shirt brand (because many brands are not brands) to how to scale it and what scaling it looks like. 

This class is for those who are serious about starting a t-shirt brand and not running it as a side hustle. It takes a lot of work. If you’re ready or if you’ve been struggling, this class is for you.

  • Week 1: Creating a T-Shirt Brand
  • Week 2: Your Online Store & the 7 Most Important Factors of an Online Store
  • Week 3: Harnessing the power of viral t-shirts, influencers, and Social Media
  • Week 4: In-Person Selling (Vending), Creating Collections and Keeping your Brand Fun and Alive

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Bootcamp
    • Welcome Message
    • T-Shirt Community Discussion
  • 2
    Bonus Free Video Content
    • Do This Before You Launch Your T-Shirt Business
    • 3 Ways of Branding A T-Shirt Business
    • Selling In-Person, Vending, and More Q&A Questions
    • Is Print-On-Demand Profitable?
  • 3
    Pre-Work: Business Setup & Plan Resources
    • Time to Setup
  • 4
    Week 1: The Branding of Tees
    • Week 1 Video
    • Week 1 Audio Version
    • Execution Steps
    • Bonus Homework
  • 5
    Week 2: Your Online Store & More
    • Week 2 Video
    • Week 2 Audio Version
    • Week 2: Execution Steps
    • Week 2: Resources
    • Week 2: Print on Demand & Dropshipping & Wholesale
    • T-Shirt Wholesale Lists
  • 6
    Week 3: Viral Tees, Influencers, and Finances
    • Week 3: Audio Version
    • Week 3: Video Version
    • Week 3: Influencer Resources
    • Social Media Ads Resource List
    • Financial Expenses to Expect
  • 7
    Week 4: In-Person Selling (Vending), Creating Collections and Keeping your Brand Fun and Alive
    • Week 4: Video Version
    • Week 4: Audio Version
    • Week 4: Resources